High-quality office administration for all your business needs.


Using Zenith Admin for your office administration is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Allows you to focus on your specialty work, building your business network and making critical decisions, instead of spending hours filling in data and paperwork
  • Provides the knowledge and skills needed that you may not possess or have an interest in spending time to complete
  • Keeps the administration side of your business up-to-date, ready for tax time, reports, audits or customer requests, with little effort from you
  • No outlay for staff computer, desk or office space
  • No Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities
  • No payroll responsibilities (for example, PAYG tax withholding, superannuation guarantee, leave) - just pay the contractor invoice
  • Save money by only paying us for the tasks required, when you need the work done, instead of paying a staff member all year round and having to find work for them
  • Outsource work to one team instead of hiring both an admin assistant and a bookkeeper

In addition, being a small and efficient team, if one team member is unavailable, another team member can pick up the work and continue on with minimal disruption - something that's often hard to do with a staff member.

BAS Services


We provide all facets of BAS services, from lodging Business Activity Statements to payroll and bookkeeping services.

Administration Services


Administration services are extremely undervalued, until it's time for an external audit or customer inquiry. Zenith Admin will keep the admin side of your business up-to-date with our wide range of services.

“Zenith Admin is an invaluable part of our organisation. Their broad range of skills are applicable to make any organisation more efficient, productive and communicative. Once given a task, we are able to trust that Zenith Admin will complete the task by the deadline with minimal follow-up.  They are impeccable with their attention to detail and ability to organise projects. Furthermore, they are able to juggle different projects and timelines to ensure that all work is completed within the desired timeframes. Zenith Admin can learn and enhance any administrative system that an organisation operates.” – Randall (Media & marketing administration)