“Zenith Admin just saved me HEAPS of time with a project I was working on, giving me a solution that I had been searching far and wide for, then helped me brainstorm another issue I had and the answer all came together. If you need someone knowledgeable to do remote admin jobs for you and help you problem solve, they’re the one! You just saved me HOURS, possibly WEEKS of work with your form and databasing ideas! I’d been looking for a system like that for ages and I’m thrilled! :D Quick, easy and efficient help, very knowledgable and great problem solving. Will definitely use Zenith Admin again! :D”

– Anita (Form and spreadsheet problem-solving, brainstorming information collection issues)

“Zenith Admin is an invaluable part of our organisation. Their broad range of skills are applicable to make any organisation more efficient, productive and communicative. Once given a task, we are able to trust that Zenith Admin will complete the task by the deadline with minimal follow-up.  They are impeccable with their attention to detail and ability to organise projects. Furthermore, they are able to juggle different projects and timelines to ensure that all work is completed within the desired timeframes. Zenith Admin can learn and enhance any administrative system that an organisation operates.”

– Randall (Media & marketing administration)

“Rebecca was undoubtably one of our best administrators we have hired. Her attention to detail produced outstanding and consistent results each week. Rebecca has clear communication skills and works efficiently to demanding time frames. Rebecca is an exceptional organiser and trouble shooter, particularly with new technology and systems.”

- Deb (Social Media, Electronic & Print Marketing, Coordination of Video & Photography Shoots)

“Zenith Admin are excellent efficient workers – helping us organise workloads while keeping track of processes and time-lines.”

– Matt (Project scheduling and Facebook Page maintenance)

“A great and efficient solution to my administrative needs. A very effective use of time and money. After one day it felt like you had been working here a year.”

– David (Ad hoc on-site admin duties)

“Extremely reliable and highly recommended! Following our game’s release, we were lacking a proper level of customer support. That’s when Zenith Admin swooped in and rescued us. Zenith Admin went to work quickly, responding to player emails and resolving their issues. Zenith Admin was also integral in helping us to improve our game by relaying players’ feedback and suggestions back to the product team.”
– Edward (Community management and online game technical support)

“The customer service for this game has been breathtaking to say the least. If you keep it up there is no doubt in my mind that you will get alot of loyal fans. So many gaming companies could learn so much from you guys :)”

A fan (as a result of a high level of online game support)

“Zenith Admin has provided quality service with attention to detail. The suggestions for our brochures from Zenith Admin, has ensured our end product maintained the professional image and the results we wanted to achieve”. 

Cherry (Proofreading)

“Zenith Admin helped us turn what would have been a week long, complex data entry task into a concise 2 day project. The best thing was that the work done by Zenith Admin was completely reliable, and there was no need to double check the work performed. We continue to use Zenith Admin!”
– Qunify Games (Uploading online game content to online servers)